What is their role in this world and how much will be required of them when the fates of many are placed in their hands? What is their ultimate fate and where do the gods fit into this scenario? Will they be the heroes of the now with fame that precedes them or scarcely remembered beings who once did some obscure thing long ago in a place no one can accurately recall?

Powerful outsiders of all stripes are hedging their bets on the characters and the wagers can change the shape and direction of entire kingdoms. Sinister and strange forces are moving in their periphery being either drawn to the protagonists or somehow being motivated by them. What are these beings and are they extensions of currently perceived threats or something far older with a patience that staggers the mortal mind as it moves across eons throughout entire realms of existence?

Come on this journey and unravel the mystery of the name: The Ouroboros Edit.

The Ouroboros Edit